Citymetric not only provides the data, insight, and analysis you need to understand cities, we also have the expertise to work alongside you to provide advice on potential strategy goals.

Our consulting services provide tailored analysis and bespoke market research solutions for our clients’ most pressing questions.

Quantitative Research

We maintain specialist panels giving our clients access to the views of thousands of key opinion leaders. Our panels are supported through our proprietary media assets, and partnerships with other media providers giving us access to an audience of thousands of targeted magazines, leading websites and industry events.

Qualitative Research

We provide unique access through our market-leading publications and information services to decision makers specifically brought together to discuss the topics that are important to you.

Through the credibility of our independent, market-leading briefing services, we are able to secure the involvement of leading business decision makers identified by you. The global reach of the brands mean that we have run successful roundtables in mature and developing economies across every continent.

You choose the topic and issue. We supply the audience you want from our extensive database of senior market contacts and create the setting and framework. Most of our clients choose to utilise our market expert editors as independent moderators who can then write up the results to provide crafted copy for internal use or for publication through our online and print information services, reaching hundreds of thousands of readers all over the world.

Economic Research

Our highly experienced economists provide a range of bespoke research services covering a wide range of subjects ranging from macroeconomic forecasting to sector outlooks, business presentations and workshops. The types of project undertaken by our economic consulting division include:

  • Economic impact studies
  • Scenario analysis
  • Forecasting models
  • Macro policy assessments
  • Model building
  • Regional analysis

Industry Research

Whether you’re looking for information and analysis, independent expert opinion and advice, facilitated decision support, or high-value strategic or implementation support, our team will leverage our extensive body of proprietary data and analysis and provide expertise-based consulting to deliver the solution that best suits your individual requirements.

  • Review and realignment of corporate strategy
  • Review of competitors and key market drivers
  • Investigation and ranking of market/sector attractiveness
  • Identification and assessment of potential acquisition targets
  • Acquisition and due diligence background research