Citymetric ensures clients remain fully engaged with developments in major cities around the world, featuring high quality news and insights, as well as comprehensive and reliable forecast data covering the local economy, employment and demographics.

Citymetric also provides extensive business intelligence for multinationals and investors, enabling them to quickly understand and act upon business development opportunities. The platform features daily updated databases of thousands of investment projects and contacts for key decision makers and procurement managers at the city level.

  • City Administrations

    Citymetric enables city administrations to understand how their city is performing, and to be informed on the latest trends and developments

  • Multinationals

    Multinational corporations use citmetric to develop sales and marketing strategies for city-level operations, to identify opportunities for business generation, and secure new business leads.

  • Investors

    With its comprehensive database of city-level projections, investors use citymetric to assess key market trends and realise opportunities for new investments.